Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 2

Powerpoint 2
Powerpoint 3

10 Extremely Well Known Jazz Musicians
Louis Armstrong
Duke Ellington
Miles Davis
Charlie Parker
Theolonious Monk
John Coltrane
Bill Evans
Herbie Hancock
Keith Jarrett
Wynton Marsalis

Review Questions

1. What genre of music was developed from work songs, blues, spirituals, minstrel music, and ragtime?

2. What are two essential elements of jazz?

3. What element of music is defined by  "the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused in music by the occurrence of strong and weak melodic and harmonic beats"?

4. What element of music is defined by "succession of musical tones which is perceived as a single entity"? 

5. What musical element have we described as "one note at a time", or "the chords"?

6. What do we call the "structure" of a song? For example, AABA?

7. How do you describe rhythm which is "jagged" or focuses on off-beats instead of on-beats? 

8. What do we call how the melody and harmony are spread by the composer throughout the instruments?

9. What are some common jazz instruments? 

10. What are some less common instruments used in jazz occasionally?

11. What is jazz "shorthand" for "the chord changes to Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm"?

12. What form of music came from work songs of African slaves, and has influenced most of American music? Can you describe the typical "structure" of this kind of music?

13. What instrument is thought of when thinking of the country music of whites, but is actually an African instrument?

14. What instrument did Louis Armstrong initially play, and is known as the "violin of the brass family" because of it's mellow tone?

15. What three instruments are typically in the "Front Line" of New Orleans Jazz?

16. What is another name for New Orleans Jazz, or early jazz?

17. What is the common instrumentation of a "big band"?

18. What instruments are typically in the "rhythm section"?

19. What is the Italian term for "plucking" the strings of a stringed instrument?

20. What style of "jazz piano" uses the "oom-pah" accompaniment of polkas and marching band music?

21. What is an Italian word for someone who has a high level of skill on their musical instrument?

22. Before recordings, how was music marketed and sold?

23. On what instrument was "ragtime" originally performed?

24. Name three major jazz artists that we have listened to in class.

25. What is another name for "fusion jazz"?

26.  What is counterpoint? Who is the Baroque composer known for being a master of counterpoint?

27. What are the two kinds of basses which Esperanza Spalding plays?

28. What is the Farsi name for the Persian "hammer dulcimer"?

29. What are the first three elements of music that we listen to?

30. What is the type of jazz singing, "invented" by Louis Armstrong, which imitates jazz instruments improvising?

31. Which trumpet player was known in the early 1980's for winning Grammys in classical and jazz categories?

32. What is the word used to describe is the singing of a single syllable while moving between several different notes in succession?

33. What instrument was the typical accompaniment of early blues?

34. Which white clarinetist is credited as making Swing music "popular"?

35. Name two "sub genres" of jazz.


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